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June 4, 2006:

Added [PC5] Psionicist Group Classes and [PC6] Custom Group Classes and [S3] Priest Spells and [Q3] 3rd Edition Psionics (Psi. Freq. 3) and [M1] Listing of Monsters to the D&D Collective.
The Psionic classes need editing (and the relevant [Q] sections added!), and there are a half-dozen more Custom classes to add, and lots of the Priest spells don't have short descriptions, but it's a starting point.

Also added the ability to see entire main sections at once (e.g. the [P] section, the [C] section, etc.). You'll see what I mean if you go the Collective's index.

May 23, 2006:

Added the first 40 classes to [PC4] Rogue Group Classes (& Rogue abilities) to the D&D Collective.
Also added [S2] Wizard Spells and [Q2] Proficiency (2nd edition) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 2) and [E1] General Equipment .
The Wizard spells need a lot of editing (there are duplicates and lots of higher level spells have no description), but it's a starting point.

May 10, 2006:

Added the first 36 classes to [PC3] Priest Group Classes (& Specialty Priest abilities) to the D&D Collective.
Also added [S23] Recommended Priest Spells and [Q1] Natural (1st edition) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 1) and [A1] Alignment .

Finally, added (WARNING: huge file!) a huge file that allows you to download the entire Collective at once. I don't know how useful this actually is, as less than 10% of what I intend to upload is here, and this file will grow to an unmanageable size. Perhaps I will offer the Collective in sections; this might be easier to use.

May 2, 2006:

Added the first 70 classes to [PC2] Wizard Group Classes to the D&D Collective.
Also added [S22] Recommended Wizard Spells and [Q72] Mutants and Masterminds Psionics (frequency 72).

April 26, 2006:
Changed the look of the D&D page to match the SFB page. Need to add more buttons. :)

Added [P4] Classes (General Rules) and [C1] THAC0 (Attack bonus) to the D&D Collective.
Added 61 classes to [PC1] Warrior Group Classes, bringing the total to 63, which is about half the classes for the Warrior group. And I still have the Wizard, Priest, Rogue, Psionicist, Custom, Concordant, and Monster groups to go!. :O

April 24, 2006:

And the updates begin! I plan to put most things in Collective 3.0. Not much there now, but it is growing.

Previous updates (2003):

These are here.