[Q2] Proficiency (2nd edition) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 2)

Basic Psi2 Information

Psi2 Psionicists:
PSPs = Wis*2+Int+Con-40+(Wis-5)*(level-1)
Wild Talents:
PSPs = Int+Wis+Con+4*level
Wild Talents Potential Number of:
Int+Wis+Con Devotions
High Sci
0-14 1 0 0 1
15-29 2 0 0 2
30-44 3 1 0 3
45-59 4 2 0 4
60-74 5 3 1 5
75+ 6 4 2 6
Minimum Level: 0 3 8 0
It takes 1 nonweapon proficiency slot for a Devotion, 3 slots for a Science or Meta-Psionic Devotion, and 6 slots for a Meta-Psionic Science or High Science. This gives 1st level of mastery in that power.
There are no prerequisites for any power for both Wild Talents and Psionicists.
A "power score" is making the roll by 10. There are no terrible failures. If you fail, you spend no PSPs.
Each additional proficiency slot spent for a power does 1 of three things (choose 1 per slot spent):
1. Roll an extra 1d20 for check, and choose best roll.
2. Get a +1 on the target check number.
3. Increase the level of mastery (caster level) by 1. You cannot have more than double your level in CL (max = equal to level for Wild Talents).

[Q2] Proficiency (2nd edition) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 2)

Psi2 Combat

MAC (Mental Armor Class) = 25-Wis (Wis below 15 gives MAC of 10)
Use Int as if it was Balance (under Dex) to adjust MAC.
MTHAC0 (Mental THAC0) = 21-(Psi2 level)
Use Wis as if it was Efficiency (under Str) to adjust MTHAC0.
    MAC adjustment for defenses ("-" means better MAC)
#Att dmg Mind
Tower of
Iron Will
Psionic Blast 4 1 -3 +2 -5 +4 +3 -6
Mind Thrust 3 1 +5 +3 -2 -3 -5 -5
Ego Whip 2 2 +3 +4 +2 -4 -3 -4
Id Insinuation 3 2 -5 -3 -1 +2 +5 -7
Psychic Crush 2 3 +1 -4 +4 -1 -2 -8
Ultrablast 3 3 +8 +7 +6 +5 +4 0
"dmg" is how many Tangents are gained on the target. 3 Tangents equal 1 Contact at which time each hit has the effect listed in the power descriptions. This system is not used against those who do not have frequency 2 psionics; the only way to get contact on them is by using Contact, Passive Contact or Mass Contact.
There will be ways of (with items) adjusting MAC and MTHAC0 in the future.
PSIONIC ENCHANTMENTS (spend 1 spell of each level below to get new spell level)
Spell Level, Wizard: 0 1 2-10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Spell Level, Priest: 0 1 2-9 9 10 11 12 13 14
Upgrade Cost: 200 400 100 400 900 1600 2500 3600 4900

[Q2] Proficiency (2nd edition) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 2)

Psi2 Devotions (Minors)

# Power Disip. Check PSPs Effect Power Score Source
1 Absorb Disease Metab Con-3 12 Moves a disease to psionic Destroys a disease PHBR5
2 Accelerate Metab Con-2 10+10/m Haste Super Haste (+2 P/V) WatW2
3 Acceptance Telep Int 10+2/t Captives become passive/docile Betray each other DSDK2
4 Adrenalin Control Metab Con-3 8+4/r +1d6 Str,Dex,or Con +1d6 to all three PHBR5
5 Aging Metab Con-7 15 (level)d4 years aged (level)d10 years PHBR5
6 Alignment Stabilization Telep Wis-1 15+10/d Keeps alignment from changing Maintenance 5/d DSDK2
7 All-Round Vision Clair Wis-3 6+4/m Can see in all directions Infravision gained PHBR5
8 Alter Features Metab Con-1 6+3/t Alter Self Change Self WatW2
9 Amnesia Telep Wis-2 C+5/r Amnesia Free Maint. 1d10 d WatW2
10 Animate Object Kinet Int-3 8+3/m Animates object;move rate 6 Animation is smooth PHBR5
11 Animate Shadow Kinet Wis-3 7+3/m Animates shadow;no effect Range is 100y PHBR5
12 Astral Projection Port Int 6+2/h Go to Astral with silver cord Color pool nearby PHBR5
13 Attraction Telep Wis-4 C+8/m Strong attraction for thing Obsession for thing PHBR5
14 Aversion Telep Wis-4 C+8/t Strong aversion for thing Afraid of thing PHBR5
15 Awe Telep Chr-2 C+4/r Won't attack caster (save) No save PHBR5
16 Ballistic Attack Kinet Con-2 5 Roll TH; (level)d4 damage (level)d8 damage PHBR5
17 Beast Mastery Telep Wis-3 20+H/d Control beast (Max.Int=level) 5 PSPs initial cost DSDK2
18 Biofeedback Metab Con-2 6+3/r -2 dmg/att;+level/3 AC bonus +level AC bonus PHBR5
19 Blink Port Int+1 7+3/r Blink Blink Wounding 1/r WatW2
20 Body Control Metab Con-4 7+5/m Breathe,move normally; 0 dmg terrain Can change environ. PHBR5
21 Body Equilibrium Metab Con-3 2+2/m Water Walking, Feather Fall 1 d w/o Maintenance PHBR5
22 Body Weaponry Metab Con-3 9+4/r Convert arm to weapon Weapon is +1/+0 PHBR5
23 Bone Reading Clair Wis-1 15 Know who died in this spot See last 10 min of life WatW2
24 Cannibalize M-Psi Con -8*Con +8 PSPs/Con;Con returns 1/w +8 PSPs PHBR5
25 Carapace Metab Int 5+1/r +level AC; -(11-level) Dex No Dex loss DSDK2
26 Catfall Metab Dex-2 4 30'fall:no dmg;other @ h dmg 50'fall:no dmg PHBR5
27 Cause Decay Metab Con-2 4 Item falls apart(save vs.acid) No save allowed PHBR5
28 Cause Sleep Metab Wis-2 9+2/r Sleep (save) No memory of sleep WatW2
29 Cell Adjustment Metab Con-3 1/hp 20*level hp:1r;disease=+5 PSPs Half cost in PSPs PHBR5
30 Chameleon Power Metab Con-1 6+3/m Can match surroundings well +15% HS PHBR5
31 Chemical Stimulation Metab Con-4 9+6/r level dmg acid (items save) No item saves PHBR5
32 Cognitive Trance M-Psi Int 4 Photographic Memory; cannot use V +4 Int checks 1 d WatW2
33 Combat Mind Clair Int-4 5+4/r +level/3(round up) group init. Psionic:+level/3 AC PHBR5
34 Compact Kinet Wis-1 4 Reduce object volume 90% Reduce volume 95% DSDK2
35 Conceal Thoughts Telep Wis 5+3/m Gain contest vs.ESP,Probe,etc. Imm to those powers PHBR5
36 Concentrate Water Kinet Con-3 10 Make 1-9 gal.water from area Double water amount DSDK2
37 Contact Telep Wis Int+1/r -2 check if resisting Maintained 4r for free PHBR5
38 Control Body Kinet Con-2 8+8/r Control all P,V actions Auto. win Contest PHBR5
39 Control Flames Kinet Wis-1 6+3/r x2/ 2 fire; move 9; (level)d4 x3/ 3 fire; (level)d6 PHBR5
40 Control Light Kinet Int 12+4/m Dim or brighten light Maintenance 1/r PHBR5
41 Control Sound Kinet Int-5 5+2/m Dampen,disguise,increase sound Maintenance 1/r PHBR5
42 Control Wind Kinet Con-4 16+10/r 5*level Mph; change dir. 10*level Mph PHBR5
43 Convergence M-Psi Wis 8 10y: All PSPs in link combine CLs in link combine PHBR5
44 Create Sound Kinet Int-7 8+3/r Audible Glamer (as spell) Double level PHBR5
45 Cryokinesis Kinet Wis 8+7/r Molecular Agitation but cold 1d3/r 2d3/r WatW2
46 Danger Sense Clair Wis-3 4+3/t Know if danger nearby Know distance PHBR5
47 Daydream Telep Wis C+3/r Mind wanders;+20% Thief Abil. +30% Thief Abilities PHBR5
48 Deflect Kinet Int 4 Deflect a missile -- WatW2
49 Dimension Blade Port Con-1 6+5/r Weapon ignores natural AC; +2/+2 x2 dmg WatW2
50 Dimension Walk Port Con-2 8+4/t Move 30 miles in (40-level)m Halve time PHBR5
51 Dimensional Door Port Con-1 4+2/r Can't see destination:stun 1r No stun PHBR5
52 Dimensional Screen Port Con-3 9+6/r Spherical Dim Door around you -- WatW2
53 Displacement Metab Con-3 6+3/r As per Displacer Beast AC bonus is +4 PHBR5
54 Double Pain Metab Con-3 7 All dmg phantom x2 for 1t SS or unc. each hit PHBR5
55 Dream Travel Port Wis-4 1/25M/P Move up to 500M in (48-lvl)t Halve time PHBR5
56 Duo-Dimension Port Con-2 11+4/r No thickness Wpn is Dim Blade WatW2
57 Ectoplasmic Form Metab Con-4 9+9/r Pass through solid objects Maintenance 3/r PHBR5
58 Ego Whip [C] Telep Wis-3 4 -5 rolls; Max spell=3rd: 1d4r Max spell=1st: 1d6 r PHBR5
59 Empathy Telep Wis C+1/r Sense emotions Subject of emotions PHBR5
60 Empower (weak version) M-Psi Wis-12 25+50X Object PSP=(Dev+2*Sci+3)*L -- PAoA2
61 Enhanced Strength Metab Wis-3 2S+S/r Increase strength, Max=level Max=2*level PHBR5
62 Enhancement M-Psi Wis-3 30+8/m +2 check in 1 Disc;others -1 Others not reduced PHBR5
63 Environment Clair Int-2 5 Mental image of object's loc. 1m of observation DSDK2
64 ESP Telep Wis-4 C+6/r Know surface thoughts Maintained 1r for free PHBR5
65 Ethereal Traveler Port Wis-4 15+2/r Wraithform (as spell) Maintained free 24h DSDK2
66 Expansion Metab Con-2 6+1/r Increase dimension by 50%/r Increase by 100%/r PHBR5
67 False Sensory Input Telep Int-3 C+4/m Change sensory input slightly Any false perception PHBR5
68 Feel Light Clair Wis-3 7+5/m Can feel light;+4 vs. gaze Feel in all directions PHBR5
69 Feel Moisture Clair Wis-3 5+1/m Can detect water & amount Maintained free 4h DSDK2
70 Feel Sound Clair Wis-3 5+3/m Can feel sound;+2 vs. sonic Thief DN 10*level% PHBR5
71 Fighting Trance M-Psi Wis-1 4+1/r +1 AC/saves/TH; -1 power checks another +1 WatW2
72 Flesh Armor Metab Con-3 8+4/r +roll AC, Max=level +1 more AC PHBR5
73 Focus Forgiveness Telep Wis-3 10+2/h Temporarily forget Quest,Geas Maintenance cost 1/h DSDK2
74 Forced Symmetry Metab Int-2 12 Makes 2 halves of body same Change is permanent DSDK2
75 Ghost Writing Kinet Wis-2 8+3/m Write 5 words/r:remote paper Write 15 words/r DSDK2
76 Gird M-Psi Int-3 2*M/m Maintain powers w/o conc. Maintain in sleep PHBR5
77 Graft Weapon Metab Con-5 10+1/r Connect weapon to body; +1/+1 Bonus is +4/+4 PHBR5
78 Hear Light Clair Wis-3 6+3/m Can hear light Can hear infrared PHBR5
79 Heightened Senses Metab Con 5+1/m Triple sensory sensitivity 1 sense increased 1d PHBR5
80 Hivemind M-Psi Wis-1 2 Gain 4*level PSPs from insects Gain 8*level PSPs DSDK2
81 Identity Penetration Telep Wis-3 C+6/m See through polymorph,illusion -- PHBR5
82 Immovability Metab Con-5 9+6/r Need 10*roll in Str to move Impossible to move PHBR5
83 Impossible Task Telep Wis-1 10+5/d Believes task is impossible Maintained free 1m DSDK2
84 Incarnation Awareness Telep Wis-4 C+13/r Gain info. about 1 past life/r All past lives in 1r PHBR5
85 Inertial Barrier Kinet Con-3 7+5/r Melee:delay 1r;Mis.:-dice dmg Mis.:-dice-1 dmg PHBR5
86 Inflict Pain Telep Con-4 C+2/r -4 TH; no spells (save) unc. 1d10r (save) PHBR5
87 Insect Mind Telep Int-2 7+1/m +2 Chr with insects Maintained free 1d DSDK2
88 Intensify M-Psi ***-3 5S+1/r +S Int,Wis,or Con,-S other 2 Cost is 3S+1/r PHBR5
89 Invincible Foes Telep Wis-3 C+5/r Next hit drops target 1t -- PHBR5
90 Invisibility Telep Int-5 C+2/r/P Makes someone invisible Superior Invisibility PHBR5
91 Iron Will M-Psi Wis 8+3/m Can fully act up to -10 hp Can act up to -15 hp WatW2
92 Know Course Clair Int-2 5+4/h Find the Path Radial Navigation WatW2
93 Know Direction Clair Int 1 Know which way is North Maintained for 1 day PHBR5
94 Know Location Clair Int 10 Gives simple idea of location Learn exact location PHBR5
95 Levitation Kinet Wis-3 12+2/m Up/down move rate 6 Move rate 12 PHBR5
96 Lend Health Metab Con-1 4 Transfer hp from psionic Target gets double PHBR5
97 Life Detection Telep Int-2 3+3/m Detect Life (as spell) -- PHBR5
98 Magnetize Kinet Int-1 2W Metal obj magnetised L r (W=weight) No Str check allowed WatW2
99 Magnify M-Psi Wis-5 25M+M/r Mult. power (Max=level/5+1) M+1, no extra cost PHBR5
100 Martial Trance M-Psi Wis-3 7 +1 checks; no P,V actions Only lose P actions PHBR5
101 Mass Manipulation Kinet Int-3 9+9/r Modify weight -75% to +100% -90% to +300% WatW2
102 Mental Barrier [H] Telep Wis-2 3 Costs no action to use No contact for 2r PHBR5
103 Mind Bar Telep Int-2 6+4/m 75% vs. Ench/Cha;immune Telep. +5 in contests PHBR5
104 Mind Blank [F] Telep Wis-7 0 Costs no action to use -- PHBR5
105 Mind Over Body Metab Wis-3 10/d/P Don't need food,water,sleep Don't need rest after PHBR5
106 Mind Thrust [B] Telep Wis-2 2 Lose 1 power 2d6d -- PHBR5
107 Molecular Agitation Kinet Wis 7+6/r Destroy object in 5r (save-10) Destroy in 3r PHBR5
108 Molecular Bonding Kinet Int-1 5+4/m Join 2 objects at molecular level 6 sq" /r 24 sq" /r WatW2
109 Molecular Manipulation Kinet Int-3 6+5/m Object is weakened (-2 save/r) (-4 save/r) PHBR5
110 Momentum Theft Kinet Int-2 5+ Stop (200 lbs, each x2 is +5 PSPs) Held for 1r WatW2
111 Mysterious Traveler Telep Wis-1 2 False rumors about his travels Rumors continue 3d DSDK2
112 Opposite Reaction Kinet Con-1 5 Missile returns at attacker Breaks missile DSDK2
113 Passive Contact Telep Wis-1 2*Int+1/h Like Contact, cheaper to maintain Empathy with target WatW2
114 Phase Port Wis-1 6+6/r Out of phase; cannot attack x2 move rate WatW2
115 Phase Object Port Wis-3 10+5/r Object out of phase May disintegrate WatW2
116 Pheromone Discharge Metab Int 5+1/m Smells like an insect Maintained free 4d6h DSDK2
117 Phobia Amplification Telep Wis-2 C+4/r Strong Fear of thing (save) No save PHBR5
118 Photosynthesis Metab Con+1 5+2/t Regen 1 hp/r in sunlight Sustenence in sun WatW2
119 Plant Mind Telep Int-4 11+2/m +2 Chr when dealing with plants Free maint. 1 d WatW2
120 Pocket Dimension Port Wis 14+3/t 5' cube extradimensional space 10' cube WatW2
121 Poison Sense Clair Wis 1 Detects presence of poison Gives type of poison PHBR5
122 Post-Hyp. Suggestion Telep Int-3 C+Lvl Long-term Suggestion Check not reduced PHBR5
123 Predestination Clair Wis-3 20+5/yD Gives vague feeling of destiny Can peer twice as far DSDK2
124 Probability Manipulation M-Psi Int-4 10 +4 to next die roll +4 next 3 die rolls WatW2
125 Prolong M-Psi Con-4 5+2/r Range & area of powers +50% Range & area +100% PHBR5
126 Psionic Inflation M-Psi Wis-5 20+3/m All powers double cost & main. Triple cost & main. PHBR5
127 Psionic Residue M-Psi Wis-3 15 Get 10% PSPs spent by others +10 PSPs DSDK2
128 Psionic Sense M-Psi Wis-3 4+1/m Detect Psi: PSPs,Dir.,Dist. Does all frequencies PHBR5
129 Psionic Vampirism M-Psi Wis-3 C+8+3/r Drain CL PSPs from target /r Double effect WatW2
130 Psychic Blade M-Psi Con-2 7+X+X/r Blade: 1d6/1d6 +2/+X, stun 1d6r (save) 1d10/1d10 WatW2
131 Psychic Drain M-Psi Wis-6 10P+C Drain W,I,C:10 PSPs;Amnesia 2w No Amnesia PHBR5
132 Psychic Impersonation Telep Wis 10+3/h Match other's thought patterns Cannot be detected PHBR5
133 Psychic Messenger Telep Con-4 4+3/r Send Illusion of self to area Can look like other PHBR5
134 Radial Navigation Clair Int-3 4+7/h Know dist./dir. to start point Can retrace to start PHBR5
135 Receptacle M-Psi Wis-5 1/r Gem:1/100gp;Item:(2W+I+C-40)*L -- PHBR5
136 Reduction Metab Con-2 D+1/r -1' per PSP until 1', then halve Double effect PHBR5
137 Repugnance Telep Wis-5 C+8/r Hatred for something (save) No save PHBR5
138 Reptile Mind Telep Int-1 5+1/m +2 Chr with reptiles Charms reptiles DSDK2
139 Retrospection M-Psi Wis-4 120 Similir to Commune spell -- PHBR5
140 Return Flight Kinet Con-1 3 Missile becomes returning Attack again if miss DSDK2
141 Rigidity Metab Con-2 8+3/r -1/r TH,Init,AC penalty Start at -3 DSDK2
142 Safe Path Clair Wis-4 8+5/m +4 Dex checks; Resist Traps Auto make next save WatW2
143 See Ethereal Clair Wis-5 4+2/m Can see into border Ethereal See into full Ethereal WatW2
144 See Magic Clair Wis-3 6+6/m Detect Magic Know exact type WatW2
145 See Sound Clair Wis-3 6+3/m Can see sound Maintenance 1/r PHBR5
146 Send Thoughts Telep Int-1 C+2/r Send thoughts;no spells (save) No save PHBR5
147 Sensitivity to Observation Clair Wis 5 Know when you're watched Knows location WatW2
148 Sensory Suppression Telep Int-2 C+4/r Blindness and Deafness Loses all 5 senses WatW2
149 Shadow Walk Port Con+1 9 Travel between shadows 1000 yd 2 miles WatW2
150 Share Strength Metab Con-4 6+2/r Transfer 2 Str:1 target Str Transfer 1:1 PHBR5
151 Sight Link Telep Con-3 C+5/m Can see through other eyes Sound Link gained PHBR5
152 Soften Kinet Int 4+3/r Weapon -1TH,-1dmg,-1save/r Double rate PHBR5
153 Sound Link Telep Con-2 C+4/t Can hear through other ears Sight Link gained PHBR5
154 Spatial Distortion Port Int-4 8+4/m Distance Distortion 20'cu Double effect WatW2
155 Spider Touch Metab Dex-1 4+2/m Spider Climb +2 Dex WatW2
156 Spirit Sense Clair Wis-3 10 Senses presence of spirits Knows exact location PHBR5
157 Splice M-Psi Int-2S 5S+S/r Do combined powers as 1 Mental +2 checks when used PHBR5
158 Stasis Field M-Psi Con-3 20+X/r Slows down time by x60 -- PHBR5
159 Static Discharge Kinet Int-3 5+5/r 1d4+1 dmg lightning, cumulative per r 1d6+1 instead WatW2
160 Strength of the Land Metab Con-2 10+2/r +25 hp,+3 TH,+3 dmg,25% MR Lasts 5r after maint. DSDK2
161 Summon Object Port Int-4 30 Summon a simple object max 100 lbs. Half PSP cost WatW2
162 Suppress Fear Telep Wis+1 5 Remove Fear; +4 vs. fear for 1 t +1 TH WatW2
163 Suspend Animation Metab Con-3 12 Suspend animation (level)w Aware; can awaken PHBR5
164 Synaptic Static Telep Int-4 15+10/r Must contest to use psionics +1 contest for static PHBR5
165 Taste Link Telep Con-2 C+4/t Can taste through other mouth Scent Link gained PHBR5
166 Telempathic Projection Telep Wis-2 C+4/r Send emotions Can change emotion PHBR5
167 Teleport Lock Port Int-1 8+2/r Target cannot teleport (no save) -- WatW2
168 Teleport Object Port Int-3 T+20 Teleports 1 nonliving object Automake saves 2d DSDK2
169 Teleport Trigger Port Int+1 2/h Activates Teleport (no action) No dist. Check Mod. PHBR5
170 Thought Shield [G] Telep Wis-3 1 Costs no action to use -- PHBR5
171 Time Dilation Port Int-7 54/r +3 M, +3 P, +3 V; not cumul. w/ Haste +1 more each type WatW2
172 Time Duplicate Port Int-1 22/s Can use 2M/2P/2V/6Z next segment +4 AC/save; +2 TH WatW2
173 Time Shift Port Int 16+3/rS Move into future;Max=(level)r Add 1r to Max PHBR5
174 Time/Space Anchor Port Int 5+1/m Cannot be teleported -- PHBR5
175 Trail of Destruction Clair Wis-2 10+3/m Detect use of Defiling magic Know which spells DSDK2
176 True Worship Telep Wis-1 5 Tells god worshiped & temple Knows all in range DSDK2
177 Truthear Telep Wis 4+2/m Detect Lie (as spell) Knows real truth PHBR5
178 Watcher's Ward Clair Int-2 6+2/h Can't be surprised; Detect Danger Know location danger WatW2
179 Weather Prediction Clair Int-2 10 Accurate weather forecast 24h Weather forecast 1w DSDK2
180 Wrench M-Psi Wis-4 15+8/r Undead:-level AC;cannot drain -2 init. penalty PHBR5

[Q2] Proficiency (2nd edition) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 2)

Psi2 Sciences (Majors)

# Power Disip. Check PSPs Effect Power Score Source
1 Animal Affinity Metab Con-4 15+4/m Take random animal's attribute Take 2 attributes PHBR5
2 Appraise M-Psi Int-4 14 Gives chances of success Reroll 3 future dice PHBR5
3 Aura Alteration M-Psi Wis-4 10 Disguise AL,level (level)h -- PHBR5
4 Aura Sight Clair Wis-4 9+9/m Learn 2 auras (AL or level) Learn 4 auras PHBR5
5 Banishment Port Int-1 30+10/r Target in pocket;returns @ end Cannot gate/teleport PHBR5
6 Clairaudience Clair Wis-3 6+4/m Clairaudience (as spell) Gain Clairvoyance PHBR5
7 Clairvoyance Clair Wis-4 7+4/m Clairvoyance (as spell) Gain Clairaudience PHBR5
8 Complete Healing Metab Con 30 Heal (as spell) in (24-level)h Heal in (60-3*level)m PHBR5
9 Create Object Kinet Int-4 16+3/r Creates temporary small object Object is permanent PHBR5
10 Death Field Metab Con-8 40 Set amount of dmg(others save) You take amount PHBR5
11 Detection Clair Wis-2 15+6/m Detect Object 90', expands 30'/r Know concentration WatW2
12 Detonate Kinet Con-3 18 (level)d6 damage (save:) (2*level)d6 damage PHBR5
13 Domination Telep Wis-4 2C+2C/r Get control of all actions Maintenance halved PHBR5
14 Disintegrate Kinet Wis-4 40 Disintegrate 8 cu.' (save) (save-5);16 cu.' PHBR5
15 Ejection Telep Wis-4 2S Break contact;lose 1 power 1t Opp. lose 1 power 1t PHBR5
16 Empower M-Psi Wis-12 50+100X Object PSP=(4*Dev+6*Sci+10)*L -- PHBR5
17 Endorphin Control Metab Chr-6 16+8/r +1d6 Int,Wis,or Chr +1d6 to all three DM
18 Energy Containment Metab Con-2 1/die Absorb max 1 die/lvl;glow:-2AC 0 dmg from energy PHBR5
19 Fate Link Telep Con-5 C+5/t Both take same dmg Range unlimited PHBR5
20 Hallucination Telep Int-3 C+6/r Create image in target's mind 20% of dmg is real WatW2
21 Id Insinuation [D] Telep Wis-4 5 Target loses all actions 1d4r Turn on allies 1d4r PHBR5
22 Intellect Fortress [I] Telep Wis-3 4 Costs no action to use -- PHBR5
23 Kinetic Control Kinet Int-3 15+7/r Take only 2+leak vs. physical attacks Reflect 1d10 dmg WatW2
24 Life Draining Metab Con-3 11+5/r Drain level hp/r;add to caster level*3 hp/r PHBR5
25 Mass Domination Telep Wis-6 C+2L/r Up to 5 creatures Dominated Range 100y PHBR5
26 Metamorphosis Metab Con-6 21+1/t Polymorph Self(even to object) Max 3*caster's mass PHBR5
27 Mindflame Telep Wis-6 30 <=8 HD Stun 2d6 r; >8 HD Dazed 1d3 r <=16 HD; >16 HD WatW2
28 Mindlink Telep Wis-5 C+8/m Send thoughts to each other 1 Probe question PHBR5
29 Mindwipe Telep Int-6 C+8/r -level/4 Int/Wis/Level (save) No save PHBR5
30 Molecular Rearrangement Kinet Int-5 20+10/h Change an object 1 ounce/hr Become extraordinary PHBR5
31 Nerve Manipulation Metab Con-3 14 Touch: Pain 1d3 r Stun 1d2 r WatW2
32 Object Reading Clair Wis-5 16 Detect Psi. Imp. of owners Know race,AL,age PHBR5
33 Poison Simulation Metab Con-2 16 Resist Poison; next attack is poisonous -2 on save WatW2
34 Precognition Clair Wis-5 24 Sees a possible future outcome Reroll 3 future dice PHBR5
35 Probability Travel Port Int 20+8/h Go to Astral physically Color pool nearby PHBR5
36 Probe Telep Wis-5 C+9/r True answer:1 question/r (save) 2 questions/r PHBR5
37 Project Force Kinet Con-2 10 (level)d6 damage (save:) Knock down M target PHBR5
38 Psionic Blast [A] Telep Wis-5 10 Lose 80% hp in mind (save) Unc. 1t (save) PHBR5
39 Psychic Clone M-Psi Wis-8 50+5/r Ghostly mental body;can move Ectoplasmic Form PHBR5
40 Psychic Crush [E] Telep Wis-4 7 (level)d8 damage (save) No save PHBR5
41 Psychic Surgery M-Psi Wis-5 C+10/t Make Perm./Remove Telep. (1/t) 1 power/5r PHBR5
42 Regenerate Metab Con-4 18+6/t Regenerate Natural healing x2 WatW2
43 Sens. to Psychic Imp. Clair Wis-4 12+2/m Detect Psi. Imp. of Area Gets very clear vision PHBR5
44 Shadow-form Metab Con-6 12+3/m Become normal shadow (mv 6) Monster shadow PHBR5
45 Spirit Lore Clair Int-3 30+8/r Can Commune with Spirits Knowledgeable spirit WatW2
46 Split Personality M-Psi Wis-5 40+6/r +1 Mental action +1 more M action PHBR5
47 Subjective Reality M-Psi Wis-5 35+7/m Immune to 1 specific type of effect Can change /r WatW2
48 Summon Planar Creature Port Int-4 45*#PL Choice of plane but not exact Creature not angry PHBR5
49 Summon Planar Energies Port Int 32 3d12 dmg no resistance 4d12 dmg no resist WatW2
50 Superior Invisibility Telep Int-5 C+5/r/P No sound,smell; attack breaks Improved Invisibility PHBR5
51 Suppress Magic M-Psi Con-4 30+X/r Anti-Magic Shell (SL=X) 60' r Dispel-Magic Zone WatW2
52 Switch Personality Telep Con-4 C+30 Switch bodies (perm.);-1Con/d -1 Con/w PHBR5
53 Telekinesis Kinet Wis-3 W+hW/r Object move rate 6 Can move 2nd object PHBR5
54 Telekinetic Barrier Kinet Con-3 18+10/r Wall of Force Free maintain 3r WatW2
55 Telekinetic Flight Kinet Wis-4 15+4/m Fly 18" Fly 24" WatW2
56 Teleport Port Int 20+ Teleport (same plane) PSP cost -20% PHBR5
57 Teleport Other Port Int-2 20+ +10 PSPs per creature moved PSP cost -20% PHBR5
58 Time Travel Port Int-3 50+8/h Travel 1 yr; each x10 is +10 PSPs -- WatW2
59 Tower of Iron Will [J] Port Wis-2 6 Costs no action to use Area 10' radius PHBR5
60 True Sight Clair Wis-4 15+9/m True Sight Know Alignment WatW2
61 Ultrablast [U] Telep Wis-10 75 Fail1:Unc.2d6t;Fail2:lose Psi <= 3HD:death (save) PHBR5
62 Wormhole Port Int-2 48+16/r Dim Door 10 mi; Each x10 is +12 PSPs Half maintenance WatW2

[Q2] Proficiency (2nd edition) Psionics (Psi. Freq. 2)

Psi2 High Sciences (Grands)

# Power Disip. Check PSPs Effect Power Score Source
1 Alter Reality All Any-10 250 Alter Reality or Psi1 major Double CL effect DM
2 Conductive Clairvoyance Clair Wis-9 15/r Can use Psi powers through it Move effect at 18" DM
3 Cosmic Awareness Clair Wis-6 10/r Detect "Everything" CL*30' Range is sight WatW2
4 Elemental Composition Metab Con-4 24+3/r Can be any Normal/Para/Quasi Ele Can be Semi Ele WatW2
5 Energy Cancel Metab Con-6 1/die Cancels entire energy effect Autocancel all this s DM
6 Grand Detonate Kinet Con-5 27 CLd20 shards damage Use d30's DM
7 Legendary Control Metab Chr-24 24+12/r +1d6 Cml, Luck, or CL +1d6 all three DM
8 Lend Actions M-Psi *Auto* 0/perm [0 action]: Lend an action -- DM
9 Mass Contact Telep Wis L+1/r L=sum of targets' levels PSP cost halved WatW2
10 Megakinesis Kinet Wis-4 X/r TK, X=(lbs.)*(speed in ")/lvl^2 PSP cost halved WatW2
11 Nonweapon Familiarity Clair Int-8 200/d +1 slot in every nonweapon prof +1 every weapon prof DM
12 Physical Acceleration Metab Con-6 20/r +1 P action /r (range sight) +1 QP action /r DM
13 Planar Transportation Port Int-4 65 Teleport anywhere in multiverse No summ. sickness WatW2
14 Strength of the World Metab Con-6 10/r +9/+9 AC/saves, +25% RR/MR/PsiR Lasts 5r after maint. DM
15 Time Shift Other Port Int-S*3 S*6 Time Shift other S r (no save) -CL*5% to PsiR roll DM
16 Ultrashield [X] Telep Chr-5 20 Cannot attack / be attacked w/ Psi Can still attack DM
17 Weapon Familiarity Clair Int-4 100/d Proficient with all weapons Single Spec with all DM

Psi2 Supers

# Power Disip. Check PSPs Effect Power Score Source
1 Cellular Heal/Harm Metab Con-13 X X targets: Heal/Harm X% of max X*2% of max DM
2 Change Reality All Any-20 400 Change Reality or Psi1 grand Double CL effect DM
3 Fluidity M-Psi *Auto* 0/perm [0 action]: Swap 2 stats -- DM
4 Lady's Smirk M-Psi Chr-15 400/d Autoroll 1 on Prof.& Psi2 checks Auto power score DM
5 Magic Inertial Barrier Port Dex-18 70/r Spell delayed 1 s if hitting you Delayed 2 s DM
6 Mental Acceleration Metab Chr-10 30/r +1 M action /r (range sight) +1 QM action /r DM
7 Personal Acceleration Metab Chr-10 30/r +1 Swing action /r (range 0) +2 S actions DM
8 Planetary Detonate Kinet Con-25 3600 Detonates 1 planet or moon (!) 2 planets or moons! DM
9 Public Access Key Clair Int-20 90/r Target's Truename is visual (!) Thoughts visible too DM
10 Spirit in the Sky Telep Chr-15 1/week No physical body, can use 2 M /s Can use 3 M /s DM
11 Superblast [V] Telep Str-20 250 All in 1 mile insane (no PsiR) 2 mile radius DM
12 Trans-Planar Contact Telep Wis N+2/r N=(lvl)*(# planes +1); (no PsiR) PSP cost halved DM