[Q(-17)] Illogic Psionics (Psi. Freq. -17)

Psi-17 Minor Powers

# Effect
1 Chaos Ball your group (incl. yourself) for LVLd6 dmg
2 Create a LVL*10' Wall of Stone with random orientation in the room
3 Create a random trap (only enemies trigger it)
4 Darkness to all senses (infravision doesn't work)
5 Destroy door (item save vs. disintegrate)
6 Gain a random Psi9 or Psi-9 minor (use this 1/d)
7 Sleep your entire group (incl. yourself) (save)
8 Wand of Wonder effect

Psi-17 Major Powers

# Effect
1 Chain Lightning: as spell, but jumps randomly (not closest person), can hit someone more than once
2 Confusion shield (whoever hits you saves or is Confused)
3 Create a random trick (only enemies trigger it)
4 Fist of Force (LVLd8 force dmg to one target)
5 Polymorph Randomly: Target is polymorphed into a DL=LVL/3 monster (save)
6 Teleport Other Away

Psi-17 Grand Powers

# Effect
1 Call Chaos: LVL random groups take 75 Chaos dmg (include PC in possibilities)
2 Chaos Branding: Rearranges a magic item's properties (loses old properties, becomes a random Intelligent Magic Item of next lower XP value)
3 Create a random special (only enemies trigger it)
4 Earthquake your group (incl. yourself) for LVLd20 dmg, flying doesn't help

Psi-17 Super Powers

# Effect
1 Invoke Logrus: 66*LVL Vile Eldritch Chaos to a group (no save)
2 Word of Destruction: Room shape is rearranged, everyone in room (incl. PCs) take a slay (save) and a blind (no save), each object in room has 50% chance of shattering