[M5] List of NPCs

Name Multiplier Race Class AL Reaction to PCs Notes
Atlanteans x4 Atlantean (Human?) Atlantean NE enemy Invaders from another Multiverse (the Atlanteans completely control their own Multiverse)
Can locally change the rules of the Collective to fit their needs
Race Pixelated by Black Originator March 2007.
Bbreeha Burr x1 Centaur Druid2 TN friendly (rNPC) Retired from adventuring
Wore a Dumb Looking Cowboy Hat (magical properties unknown)
Beast, The x8 Were-? ? NE enemy Lord of the Lycanthropes
Lives on the moon
Rarely interacts with outside world
Black Originator x22 Originator ? LE enemy The most evil of the 9 Originators
Did the most work of the 9 Originators on The Multiverse Project
Uses "Cheat Codes" to do whatever he wants while in Multiverse Project (can Pixelate, Banhammer, etc.)
Rarely seen
Carasting x2 Shadow Wyvern Assassin LN varies Mostly retired from adventuring
Time Traveller
Head of Assassin Guild P23
Changecat x1 Changecat ArchPsi1 NG friendly (rNPC) Frequent adventurer with the PCs
Has "Beast of Xvim" racial template
Can change form into any type of feline
Retired March 2007.
Clawsy x1 Weretiger Ranger1
NG friendly (NPC) Class VI/Esper-blind
Claws are Wounding
Wife's name is Cleo (Werepanther)
Codex of the Infinite Planes x10 Artifact ? TN varies, usually friendly One of the original artifacts of the multiverse
Lives in it's own plane (several planes distance in an odd direction off of Astral Plane)
Intelligent and does converse with visitors (which is why it's listed on this NPC page)
Has 9 material forms (one of each alignment)
Only way to destroy it is to have 10 people walk away from it truly disinterested
Cypho x4 Nymph? Lesser God LG friendly Lesser Goddess of Love
Rarely interacted with
D-son and P-son x1 Astral Dragons ? LG
friendly at first
later enemy
D-son is male and Captain of the Astral Bubble (Silver Magocracy base)
P-son is wife of D-son
P-son hates psionics; caused her to be attacked by PCs
Elminster x2 Human ArchMage
low level Ftr/Rog/Clr
CG friendly Sometimes visits Oerth to assist with large problems
"Crayola Elminster" was a failed clone (idiotic, no spellcasting, but did have Elminster's memories)
Falco x1 Human Vampire Mage
LG friendly (NPC)
has been enemy a couple times
Vorpal Sword
Frequently hangs out with T-Bear
Halo x1 Cambion Assassin
CE enemy Prominent member of Assassin Guild P23
Thorn in the PCs side
Hershan x1 Greyhawk Dragon Enchanter? LG friendly One of original inventers of The Grid
Brother is Zarkon
Hobbits, Inc. x1 Halflings (various) Rogues (various) CN varies Local halfling rogue group in Nehro (Caliphate of Ekbir)
Head is Frederick Fluff-foot
Other members are Titsqueezer (uses Pick Pockets in a naughty way!), Stick-E-Fingers, "It"
K-Bear (Koala Bear) x1 Golem (Teddy Bear) Psi16? CN
friendly (NPC) at first
later enemy
Miniature animated Teddy Bear (Koala Bear)
An attempted improvement of T-Bear, failure (was evil)
Anvils in feet
Had a large wind-up key sticking out back; wind up the key to haste him
Had a bag that lets him grab random items from Toon Town
Infinite hp (ihp 1) - see [X] section
Can be killed by overwinding him
Could generate Rope Tricks out of paws, which he used to swing around (like Tarzan)
Kittay Tiddles x2 Cat? ? C? ? Familiar of Mordenkainen before he retired
Kurtulmak x4 + Kobold Lesser God CE enemy God of the Kobolds
Does very abusive things to make his Kobolds very powerful
Frequently in The Hole
Laitos x1 Human Cavalier? LG friendly Head of the guard in Nehro (Caliphate of Ekbir)
Leech x1 Blood Demon (Role Aids) Assassin? CN friendly (NPC) Could become liquid form (blood)
Enters opponent's blood stream, causing hemorrhages
Lord Roper x1 Human Bard NG friendly Mayor of Nehro
Magius Mynotaus x2 Minotaur ? NE ? Ruler of the second section of Minotaur's Clearing
MD x10 + ? Anti-DM? ? enemy Goes around Pixelating and Banhammering things
Rarely seen
Mordenkainen x2 Human ArchMage
LG friendly Head of the Circle of Eight (Greyhawk City)
Nerof Gasgol x2 Human Rogue?
CN enemy
friendly when bigger enemies around
Mayor of Greyhawk City
Does abusive things; frequently in The Hole
Nikki x1 Human Cleric LG friendly Head Cleric of Cypho in Nehro (Caliphate of Ekbir)
Odessa x1 Human Psi-35 LG friendly (rNPC) Female child
Lady's Smile continuous (auto makes saves, automatically hits)
Inverse Lady's Smile against others continuous (Odessa can't be hit by attacks that require a die roll)
Wields a Arquebus (automatically rolls a "10" on first 1e10 roll for damage due to Lady's Smile)
Retired March 2007.
ORLY Owl x1 Giant Owl High Frequency Sampler CG friendly (NPC) Frequent adventurer with the PCs
Has unusual (wise) insight into situations
Ozla x2 Human? Jedi0 LG friendly (rNPC) Retired from adventuring
Time Traveller
Adventured with Carasting
Ponnet x1 Human Mage CG friendly (rNPC) Retired from adventuring
Used to polymorph ants into dinosaurs, send them tumbling in the Astral (no one knows why!)
PreAscended Ones x12 + ? ? N? varies Live in the Ultraplanes
Putz x2 Manotaur Barbarian CN friendly (NPC) Retired from adventuring from 2002-2006 (Active again in 2007)
Collects Truenames (written on the inside of his jacket)
Throws Small Shurikens
Rat Tails x1 Wererats various War/Rog CE enemy Wererat group near Nehro (Caliphate of Ekbir)
Worship The Beast
Rixthaxth x2 Rakshasa Mind-Flayer ArchPsi1? LE
enemy at first
later friendly
General of the Mind Flayaran Spelljamming Fleet
Has a base on Oerth in Wild Coast (near Red Dragon Mountain)
2nd in command is Slayer-taugh (another Rakshasa Mind-Flayer)
"Smoked Rixthaxth" was a blasted version in an alternate timeline
Shadowcron x1 Shadow/Spectre? Trader/Merchant? ? ? Runs a major trading company in Relseer (Caliphate of Ekbir)
Frequently hires low level PC parties to run errands
Rarely seen
AKA The Challenger
x2 Human? Illusionist
friendly at first
later enemy
Used to run an illusionist house in Nehro (Caliphate of Ekbir)
Invented illusions so real you could get XP off them if you killed them (see Challenger class)
Frequently in The Hole
Slither x1 Kobold-Lizard Man mix Thief-Acrobat
CG friendly (rNPC) Retired from adventuring
Mutated with Psi9 to have wings
Smileylich (Smiley) x9 Ancient Oeridian Lich Lich
Colorless Fire Mage
probably others
CE varies Lord of the Liches
Lives at the top of the funnel in Concordant Opposition (above Sigil but below the entrance to Ultraplanes)
Has a familiar (Mr. Yuck Sticker)
Has an office in home (Letter Opener)
Was present (as a mortal) in the battle that caused The Rain of Colorless Fire
Snerd x2 Radiation (Green) Dragon Somniomancer
Psi18 wild
LE enemy Time Traveller
Had full control of "The Grid"
Worships Tiamyth (old version of Tiamat)
Lives near Nehro (Caliphate of Ekbir)
Sporacle of Chaos x1 Sporacle (Beholder) Psi12C
friendly (NPC) at first
later enemy
Shoots a beam of random [C] section effect from eye (no save)
Betrays PCs frequently
Sporacle of Law x1 Sporacle (Beholder) Psi12L
LE enemy Use to chase PCs when Sporacle of Chaos was an NPC
Still an enemy even after Sporacle of Chaos betrayed PCs
Eye was an anti-matter cone (10' long)
Stealth Masters x2 + Human Stealth Master
various Rogues
CN enemy at first
now varies
There's about 30 Stealth Masters.
The Stealth Master class (a Concordant class) does not function in the normal multiverse
It does function in The Deepest Hole (where the Stealth Masters live)
Szabo x2 Red Dragon ? NE enemy Ruler of the first section of Minotaur's Clearing
Has a very annoying young son (Squib)
T-Bear (Teddy Bear) x1 Golem (Teddy Bear) Psi16? CG friendly (NPC)
has been enemy a couple times
Miniature animated Teddy Bear
Spikes in paws ("Death from below")
Has a bag that lets him grab random items from 20th century Earth
Infinite hp (ihp 1) - see [X] section
Can be killed by pulling string from his belly button (unravelling him)
An improved version of T-Bear was attempted (K-Bear)
Taska x1 Half-Orc/Half-Ogre Thug CN enemy Local thug/bully in Nehro (Caliphate of Ekbir)
Theradin x1 Minotaur Ranger1 NG friendly (rNPC) Retired from adventuring
Throws Bastard Swords
Has magical Horns replacing his real horns (Horn of Blasting, Horn of Fog, etc.)
Turin Deathstalker x1 Human Assassin
LE neutral Head of Assassin's Guild P1 of Greyhawk City
Sometimes acts as temporary Mayor of Greyhawk City
Vastator x1 Human Fighter CG friendly (rNPC) Retired from adventuring
Last surviving member of the NPC party called "The Vindicators"
Had a Smash TV theme to items ("Total Carnage" two-handed sword, "Riot Helmet")
White Originator x22 Originator ? LG friendly The most good of the 9 Originators
Rarely seen
Zantriss x1 Pocket Gold Dragon ? LG friendly (sometimes an NPC) Used to be a familiar of Zarkon
Member of Silver Magocracy
Served aboard the Abraxas (a Silver Magocracy Man-o-War vessel) for a time
Lives in Astral Bubble (Silver Magocracy base in Astral Plane)
Has a son (Zocchihedron)
Zarkon x1 Greyhawk Dragon Artificer? LG friendly Lives near Red Dragon Mountain (Wild Coast)
Invented "Potion of Chromatic Dragon Control"
Has miniature animals, some of which are his familiars
Brother is Hershan
Zocchihedron x1 Pocket Electrum Dragon X4?
CG friendly (NPC) Son of Zantriss
Lives in Gold Dragon Mountain (Great Kingdom)
Had ability to leech off of Positive Energy Plane to gain levels